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Features - Yamaha Silent Piano SC2 Owner's Manual

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• Silencing System enables you play in any situation, at any time you want
Yamaha's innovative silencing system brings you superior performance, yet with virtually complete silence.
Enjoy your performance just as if you were playing an acoustic piano—but without the need to worry about
bothering people around you.
• Non-contact sensors for maximum expressiveness
The non-contact optical sensors faithfully detect subtle movement of the keys without affecting the touch of
the keys. They catch keystroke information precisely, enabling you to perform with rich nuance and
extraordinarily subtle expression.
• Elegant, integrated design
The control unit has been given a graceful design that unobtrusively blends with the piano itself. Moreover, the
simple controllers allow you to operate the instrument easily.
• Realistic ambience of the Voices enhances your performance
This instrument puts the sound of ten luxurious, authentic Voices at your fingertips. These include Yamaha's
flagship CFX piano—which delivers dynamic sound, from a brilliant high-range to powerful bass—and the
Bösendorfer* Imperial, a world-class piano renowned for its subtle and warm sound. The instrument also
features advanced technologies such as Binaural Sampling. Listening with headphones to a piano Voice
enhanced through these methods gives the impression of being thoroughly immersed in the sound, as if it was
actually emanating from the piano.
Altogether, it delivers real sound faithful to that of an actual acoustic piano, such as the quick attack and the
graceful resonance of a sustained piano tone, as well as how the sound responds to your playing strength, and
the resonance effect when the damper pedal is pressed.
* Bösendorfer is a subsidiary company of Yamaha.
• Playback and recording functions for aid in learning and practice
You can record your performance to this instrument and a USB flash drive, and improve your performance by
listening back to the recording.
Smart Device App "Smart Pianist"
The smart device app "Smart Pianist" (available as a free download) enables you to use the functions such
as selecting Voices, controlling the metronome intuitively with the visualized interface, or display the score
on your smart device.
For information about this app, access the following web page:
The connection wizard of the Smart Pianist helps you to connect this unit to your smart device properly. To
start connection wizard, tap [
then tap "Instrument" followed by "Start Connection Wizard. "
] (Menu) located upper left on the Smart Pianist screen to open the menu,
SC2 Owner's Manual


Table of Contents

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