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Safety Instructions And Standards; Safety Instructions - Siemens F IWLAN Operating Instructions Manual

Hmi device wireless teach pendant v2
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Safety instructions and standards


Safety instructions

Injury or material damage
If you do not exactly adhere to the safety regulations and procedural instructions contained
in this manual, hazards may arise and safety features be rendered ineffective. This can
result in personal injuries or material damage.
Closely follow closely the safety regulations and procedural instructions in each situation.
Observe the regulations for safety and accident prevention applicable to your application in
addition to the safety instructions given in this manual.
Project security
Injury or material damage
The configuration engineer for plant control must take precautions to ensure that an
interrupted program will be correctly integrated again after communication failures, voltage
dips or power outages.
A dangerous operating state must not be allowed to occur - not even temporarily - during
the entire execution of the control program, even during a troubleshooting.
Safety during commissioning and operation
Installation according to the instructions
Commissioning of the HMI device is prohibited until it has been absolutely ensured that the
machine to be operated with the HMI device complies with Directive 2006/42/EC.
Verify before commissioning that the provisions of Directive 2006/42/EC are fulfilled.
Wireless Teach Pendant F IWLAN V2
Operating Instructions, 08/2010, A5E02453837-01


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