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Management Applications For The Perc S130 - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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Management applications for the PERC S130

The management applications enable you to manage and configure the RAID system, create and manage multiple disk groups,
control and monitor multiple RAID systems, and provide online maintenance. The management applications for PERC S130 include:
BIOS Configuration Utility — This is also known as <Ctrl><R>, is a storage management application that configures and
maintains RAID disk groups and virtual disks. See
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) RAID Configuration Utility— This storage management application integrated into
the System BIOS (F2). See
Dell OpenManage Storage Management—This application enables you to perform controller and enclosure functions for all the
supported RAID controllers and enclosures from a single graphical or command-line interface, without using the controller BIOS
utilities. For more information, see the Dell OpenManage Storage Management User's Guide at
Lifecycle Controller—This is another management application for PERC. For more information, see Lifecycle controller User's
Guide at
BIOS Configuration
UEFI RAID configuration

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