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Background Array Scan; Checkpointing; Virtual Disk Cache Policies - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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Background Array Scan

Verifies and rectifies correctable media errors on mirror, volume, or parity data for virtual disks. Background Array Scan (BAS) starts
automatically after a virtual disk is created while in the operating system.


Allows different types of checkpointing (BGI, CC, and rebuild) to resume at the last point following a restart. After the system
restarts, background checkpointing resumes at its most recent checkpoint.
The following are the three checkpoint features:
Consistency Check (CC)
Back Ground Initialization (BGI)
Consistency Check
Consistency check (CC) is a background operation that verifies and corrects the mirror or parity data for fault-tolerant physical disks.
It is recommended that you periodically run a consistency check on the physical disks.
By default, CC corrects mirror or parity inconsistencies. After the data is corrected, the data on the primary physical disk in a mirror
set is assumed to be the correct data and is written to the secondary physical disk, mirror set.
CC reports data inconsistencies through an event notification. A CC cannot be user-initiated in the BIOS Configuration Utility
(<Ctrl><R>). However, CC can be initiated using Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Storage Management. For more
infromation about Dell OMSA user's guide at
Background Initialization
BGI of a redundant virtual disk creates the parity data that allows the virtual disk to maintain its redundant data and survive a
physical disk failure. Similar to consistency check (CC), BGI helps the controller to identify and correct problems that might occur
with the redundant data at a later time.
CAUTION: Data is lost if a physical disk fails before the completion of a BGI.
BGI allows a redundant virtual disk to be used immediately.
NOTE: Although a BGI is software-initiated at the BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>), the PERC S130 drivers must
be loaded before the BGI runs.
Automatic virtual disk rebuild
Rebuilds a redundant virtual disk automatically when a failure is detected, if a hot spare is assigned for this capability.

Virtual disk cache policies

The PERC S130 uses part of system memory for cache. It supports the following cache options:
Read Ahead/Write Back
No Read Ahead/Write Back
Read Ahead/Write Through
No Read Ahead/Write Through

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