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Virtual Disk Migration; Expanding Virtual Disk Capacity - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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Table 3. Read, Write, and Cache Policy for the PERC S130
Cache Settings
Read Ahead/Write Back
No Read Ahead/Write Back
Read Ahead/Write Through
No Read Ahead/Write Through
NOTE: The current default for Write-Cache mode enablement is Write Through, No Read Ahead (WT, NRA). To enable
Write Back (WB), a UPS is recommended.
NOTE: For more information about the physical disk write cache policy behavior, see the

Virtual disk migration

The PERC S130 supports automatic virtual disk migration from one PERC S130 to another.
CAUTION: The virtual disk is lost if you perform a virtual disk migration during an Online Capacity Expansion (OCE)/
NOTE: Backup the virtual disk data before migrating virtual disks.
NOTE: Ensure that all physical disks that are part of the virtual disk, are migrated. Virtual disks in optimal and degraded
state are automatically migrated. A virtual disk in an offline state should not be migrated.
NOTE: A bootable virtual disk cannot be migrated between dissimilar system models.
NOTE: When you migrate virtual disks, ensure that you verify the number of virtual disks do not exceed 10.
Migrating a virtual disk
Turn-off the system that contains the source controller.
Turn-off the target system if the system does not support hot-insert of physical disks.
Move the appropriate physical disks from the source controller to the target controller in the target system.
Physical disks do not have to be inserted into the same slots in the target system.
If the target system was turned-off, turn-on the system.
CAUTION: The BIOS Configuration Utility (<CTRL><R>) pauses, and prompts for action, for the degraded virtual disk(s),
if the "pause if degraded" option is enabled in the BIOS Configuration Utility (<CTRL><R>).
CAUTION: After the migration occurs, ensure that all of the physical disks have been migrated and are present in the
appropriate virtual disks.

Expanding virtual disk capacity

The capacity of a virtual disk can be expanded online by using the Online Capacity Expansion/Reconfigure (OCE/Reconfigure).
OCE/Reconfigure is a process that allows you to add storage capacity to an existing virtual disk. In most cases additional storage
capacity can be added without taking the system offline.
NOTE: If an additional physical disk needs to be added and the system does not support hot-swapping, the system must
be turned off.
OCE/Reconfigure enables you to increase the total storage capacity of a virtual disk by integrating unused storage with the virtual
Supported by S130 controller
Troubleshooting your system

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