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Physical Disk Management; Viewing Physical Disk Properties - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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The selected virtual disk is deleted.
NOTE: When a degraded or a failed virtual disk from one system is added to another system, and if the number of virtual
disks exceeds the maximum limit of 10, you cannot delete the virtual disks that are in Normal or Ready state.

Physical disk management

Viewing physical disk properties

View Physical Disk Properties screen allows you to view the properties of physical disk and also provides details about the virtual
disks associated with the physical disk.
In the System Setup Main Menu, click Device Settings → Dell PERC S130 Configuration Utility → Physical Disk Management
→ View Physical Disk Properties.
The table explains the View Physical Disk Properties screen details:
Menu Item
Select Physical Disk Allows you to select the physical disks from the drop-down menu.
Physical Disk
Displays information about the physical disk properties.
Physical disk ID
Displays the ID of the physical disk.
Displays if it is a RAID capable disk or a Non-RAID disk.
Displays the total storage space of the physical disk.
SMART status
Displays if the SMART feature is enabled or disabled for the physical disk.
Displays the revision.
Device Type
Displays the device type.
Displays if the physical disk is Dell certified or not.
Connector Port
Displays the port number in which the physical disk is installed.
SAS Address
Displays the SAS address.
Disk Cache Setting
Displays if the disk cache is enabled or disabled.
Available Space
Displays the free space of the respective physical disk.
Used Space
Displays the used space of the respective physical disk.
Disk Protocol
Displays if the protocol of the physical disks.
Media Type
Displays the type of disk selected.
Disk Sector Size
Displays the type of sector size enabled.
Negotiated Physical
Displays the speed at which the data is transferred.
Disk Transfer speed
Associated Virtual
Displays the virtual disk associated with the respective physical disk.
Dell Part Number
Displays the part number of the physical disk.
Serial Number of
Displays the serial number of the physical disk.
Hardware Vendor
Displays the information about the hardware vendor.
Manufacturing Date Displays the manufacturing date of the physical disk.

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