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Bios Configuration Utility; Entering The Bios Configuration Utility - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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BIOS Configuration Utility

The BIOS Configuration Utility, also known as (<Ctrl><R>), is a storage management application integrated into the System BIOS
<F2>, which configures and maintains RAID disk groups and virtual disks. The BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>) is
independent of the operating system.
NOTE: Use the BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>) for initial setup and disaster recovery. You can use advanced
features through Dell OpenManage storage management applications.
The following sections provide information about using the BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>). For more information, see the
online help option by pressing <F1> in the BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>).
The table below indicates the tasks that are supported or not supported by the PERC S130 at the BIOS Configuration Utility
Table 5. BIOS Configuration Utility (<Ctrl><R>) Tasks
PERC S130 Tasks
Enable alarm
Disable alarm
Quiet alarm
Test alarm
Set check consistency rate
Rescan controller
Create virtual disk

Entering the BIOS Configuration Utility

Turn on the system.
While the system starts up, press <Ctrl><R> to boot to the BIOS configuration utility.
CAUTION: If SATA Controller is not set to RAID Mode, data might be destroyed. Ensure that you backup all data
before changing modes.
NOTE: If the BIOS Configuration Utility <Ctrl><R> does not appear and your system uses a PERC S130, press <F2>
to access the Dell system BIOS. In the SATA Settings field, ensure that SATA Controller is set to RAID Mode. If the
settings are correct and the BIOS Configuration Utility <Ctrl><R> does not appear contact Dell support at
NOTE: The PERC S130 adapter supports Dell-supported SATA-based tape devices. With the S130 controller, system
can boot to a tape device using an internal Dell RD1000 tape device. Once configured to boot to a tape device, press
<Esc> or click Back in any browser screen until you return to the System Setup Main Menu and exit normally to
continue to boot to a tape device. The RD1000 option goes to the end of the boot order listing, if <Ctrl><Alt><Del>
is selected and you would not be able to boot to RD1000.
Supported by S130

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