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Physical Disks; Physical Disk Features; Physical Disk Roaming; Physical Disk Hot-Swapping - Dell PowerEdge S130 User Manual

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Physical Disks

NOTE: The physical disks in a virtual disk must be of the same drive type (HDD or SSD). For example, you cannot mix a
HDD and a SSD in the same virtual disk.
NOTE: Mixing 512–byte native and 512–byte emulated drives in a virtual disk is allowed, but mixing 512–byte and 4 KB
native drives in a virtual disk is not allowed.

Physical disk features

Physical disk roaming

Physical disk roaming is moving the physical disks from one cable connection or backplane slot to another on the same controller.
The controller automatically recognizes the relocated physical disks and logically places them in the virtual disks, which are part of
the disk group. You can perform disk roaming only when the system is turned off.
CAUTION: Do not attempt disk roaming during RAID level migration (RLM) or online capacity expansion (OCE). This
causes loss of the virtual disk.

Physical disk hot-swapping

NOTE: To check if the backplane supports hot swapping, see the Owner's Manual of your system.
Hot swapping is the manual replacement of a disk while the PERC S130 is online and performing its normal functions. The following
requirements must be met before hot swapping a physical disk:
The system backplane or enclosure must support hot swapping for the PERC S130.
The replacement disk must be of the same protocol and disk technology. For example, only a SATA hard drive can replace a SATA
hard drive and only a SATA SSD can replace a SATA SSD.
NOTE: When hot-swapping a physical disk, ensure that the new disk is of equal or greater capacity to the physical disk
that is being replaced.

Physical disk power management

Power management is a power-saving feature of the PERC S130. This feature supports power management of SATA hard drives
(HDD) by using Extended Power Conditions (EPC). The EPC feature set provides the host with additional methods to control the
power condition of a device.

Physical disk failure detection

Physical disk failure is detected and controller automatically rebuilds a new physical disk assigned as a hot spare.

Mirror rebuilding

A RAID mirror configuration can be rebuilt after a new physical disk is inserted and the physical disk is designated as a hot spare.
NOTE: The system does not have to be rebooted.

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