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Settings Via The Menu; Basic Settings And Reset - JTS UF-20S/5 Instruction Manual

True diversity wideband receiver 530–605mhz
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2) In normal mode, the display shows the fol-
lowing information:
indication which of the two an-
tennas (A or B) receives the radio
signal of the higher quality; if no
signal is received, an X appears
key lock activated
audio output level adjusted:
identification number
battery status of the wireless
microphone or pocket transmitter;
if no signal is received or if the
microphone / transmitter is muted,
the message
of the battery symbol
device name, to be edited as
desired (10 characters)
group number (1 ... 15)
channel number (1 ... 63)
transmission frequency
(530 000 ... 605 000 MHz)
Fig. 5 Display information
3) To switch off, keep the button
2 seconds until the display indicates

3.3 Settings via the menu

All settings are made via a menu:
1) To call up the main menu (fig 2), keep the
button SETUP (7) pressed for two seconds
until the menu appears on the display (6)
2) Turn the knob PUSH / CONTROL (8) to select
the desired menu item Then press the knob
to call up the menu item
3) Turn the knob to make the setting or, when a
submenu appears, turn the knob to select a
submenu item and press the knob to call it up
4) If multiple setup functions are available for a
menu item (e g group number and channel
number), press the knob to go from one func-
tion to the next one
5) To save a setting, press the button SETUP The
display briefly indicates
main menu reappears
appears instead
pressed for
before the
To exit a (sub) menu item without a
change, press the button EXIT (9) The main
menu reappears
6) To exit the main menu, press the button EXIT
or select the menu item
press the knob PUSH / CONTROL
All setting options via the menu can be found in
the following chapters

3.4 Basic settings and reset

1) If it is difficult to read the display, call up the
contrast setting via the menu item
Setup Cont
Turn the knob PUSH / CONTROL to set the
contrast Press the button SETUP to save the
setting The main menu reappears
To deactivate the main menu, press the
button EXIT or to change another setting,
turn the knob PUSH / CONTROL to select
the corresponding menu item and press the
knob to call it up
2) To coarsely set the output level (line or mi-
crophone level) for the XLR jack (14), go to
the menu item
a. Output Level
Output Level
3) The antenna inputs are factory-set to supply
a 12 V operating voltage for antenna am-
plifiers (e g UB-900I) If no antenna amplifier
is used, deactivate the 12 V operating voltage
via the menu item
Antenna Power
4) Via the menu item
name can be entered (10 characters max )
which appears on the display (e g UF-20
as shown in fig 1) When multiple pairs of
microphones / receivers are used, this will
make it easier to distinguish between the
pairs and to identify them After the menu
and then
g. Exit
d. Con-
Fig. 6
Fig. 7
b. Antenna Power
Fig. 8
, a device
c. User Name


Table of Contents

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