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Adjusting The Output Volume; Equalizer; Interference Suppression; Making Settings For The Transmitter From The Receiver - JTS UF-20S/5 Instruction Manual

True diversity wideband receiver 530–605mhz
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If the flashing slows down after approx
15 seconds, the automatic setting of the trans-
mitter has failed To stop the button from flash-
ing, press the button EXIT For troubleshooting
see steps 1 – 6 at the beginning of this chapter
Check the settings on the transmitter and cor-
rect them, if necessary Then press the button

3.6 Adjusting the output volume

Make the fine adjustment of the volume jointly
for the two audio outputs (13 and 14) via the
menu item
8. Volume
Setup Volume
0 dB
Hint: To obtain a high signal /noise ratio, set the micro-
phone sensitivity on the wireless microphone / pocket
transmitter as high as possible and reduce the volume
on the receiver

3.7 Equalizer

To attenuate low frequencies and / or to boost high
frequencies, go to the menu item
Setup Equalizer
Turn the knob PUSH  /CON TROL to select the
= no effect
= to attenuate low frequencies
= to boost high frequencies
= to attenuate low frequencies and to boost
high frequencies
Press the button SETUP to save the setting

3.8 Interference suppression

The interference suppression will mute the re-
ceiver in speech / music pauses when interfering
signals are received and the levels of these sig-
nals are below an adjustable threshold value
A high threshold value, however, will reduce
the transmission range as the receiver will also
be muted when the power of the radio signal
from the transmitter falls below the threshold
value adjusted Therefore, adjust a high thresh-
old value when the reception is good and a low
value when there is a great distance between the
transmitter and the receiver
Fig. 23
9. Equal-
Fig. 24
1) Call up the setting for interference suppres-
sion via the menu item
main menu:
Setup Squelch
2) Turn the knob PUSH  /CON TROL to set the
threshold value:
0 = standard setting
1 ... +10 in case of good reception
–1 ... –5 in case of great distance
3) Press the button SETUP to save the setting
3.9 Making settings for the
transmitter from the receiver
To make the following settings for the trans-
mitter (wireless microphone JSS-20/5 or pocket
transmitter UF-20TB/5) from the receiver, go to
the menu item
7. Mic Config
microphone sensitivity
to reduce the sensitivity by
low-cut filter on / off
transmission power
RF Power
to select settings
Fig. 26 Setting options for the transmitter
1) Turn the knob PUSH  /CONTROL to select the
setup function Then press the knob to call
up the function
2) Turn the knob to make the setting and press
the knob to save it
3) Select the settings to be transferred to the
transmitter by means of the REMOSET func-
tion via the menu item
Press the knob to select /deselect a function:
transfer of the setting
no transfer of the setting
4) To transfer the settings, press the button
REMOSET (refer to chapter 3 5 5)
Fig. 25
additional 20 dB
10 / 50 mW
key lock on / off
for transmission
Remoset Config
of the


Table of Contents

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