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For Your Safety - LG -B220a User Manual

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For Your Safety

Important Information
This user's guide contains important information about the use and operation of this
phone. Read all information carefully for optimal performance and to avoid any damage or
misuse of the phone. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved in this user's
guide could void your warranty for this equipment.
Before you begin
Safety Guidelines
WARNING! To reduce the possibility of electric shock, do not expose
your product to high humidity areas, such as bathroom or swimming pool.
Keep the phone away from heat. Never store your phone in environment that
may expose it to temperatures below 0°C or above 40°C, such as outdoor during
snowstorm, or in your car in hot days. Exposure to cold or heat will result in
malfunction, damage or permanent failure. Be careful when using your phone near
other electronic devices. The RF emissions from mobile phones may affect nearby
electronic equipment that not adequately shielded. You should consult manufacturers
of any personal medical devices, as in the case of pacemakers and hearing aides, to
determine whether they are susceptible to interference from cell phones.
Turn off your phone in medical facilities or at gas stations. Never place your phone in
microwaves, as it will cause the battery to explode.
Important! Before using your phone, please read the SAFETY


Table of Contents

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