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Getting To Know Your Phone; Phone Overview - LG -B220a User Manual

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Table of Contents

Getting to know your phone

Phone overview

Display screen
Send key
You can dial a phone number and answer incoming calls.
Soft keys
Each of these keys performs the functions indicated by the
text on the display immediately above them.
Navigation keys
Use for quick access to phone functions.
(up) : Long press up key : Torch.
Short press up key : Calculator.
(down) : Message
(left) : FM Radio
(right) : Alarm clock
End/Power key
• Ends or rejects a call.
• Returns to the home screen when you use the menu.
• Long press to turn On/Off your phone.
Alphanumeric keys
Most of the time, the numeric keys are used to input
numbers or characters.
Only alphanumeric key is lighting when using a phone.


Table of Contents

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