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General Notice - LG -B220a User Manual

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Table of Contents
Safety instructions
Explosion, Shock and Fire Danger
• Do not place the phone in a place exposed to excessive dust, and keep the minimum
required distance between the power cord and heat sources.
• Unplug the power cord before cleaning the phone, and clean the power plug
whenever it is dirty.
• When using the power plug, make sure it is firmly connected. Otherwise, it can
overheat or start a fire.
• Placing the phone in a pocket or bag without covering the receptacle (power plug
pin), metallic articles (such as a coin, clip or pen) may short-circuit the phone. Always
cover the receptacle when not in use.
• Do not short-circuit the battery. Metal items, such as coins, paper clips, or pens, in
your pocket or bag may cause a shortcircuit between the + and - terminals of the
battery (metal strips on the battery). The short-circuit of the terminals may damage
the battery and cause an explosion.

General Notice

• Using a damaged battery, or inserting it into the mouth can cause serious injuries.
• Do not place the phone in proximity to items containing magnetic components, such
as credit cards, calling cards, bank books, or subway tickets. The phone magnetism
may damage the data stored in the magnetic strip.
• Talking on the phone for a long period of time may reduce call quality, because of the
heat generated during use.
• When the phone has not been in use for a long time, store it in a safe place, with the
power cord unplugged.
• Using the phone close to a receiving equipment (such as TV or radio) may cause


Table of Contents

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