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Settings; Dual Sim; Phone; Call - LG -B220a User Manual

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Dual SIM

You can choose which SIM card you're going to use between manually or automatically.


Enjoy the freedom of adapting how your phone works for your own style.
• Date & Time - You can set functions relating to the date and time.
• Language - You can change the language for the display texts in your phone. This
change will also affect the Language Input mode.
• Preferred writing language - You can set the desired languages.
• SOS service - When SOS service is turned on, send the emergency SMS by press
and holding the '9' key on your keypad in idle screen, SOS mode will now be turned
on. The SOS messages will be sent to the phone number(s) listed in Recipient list.
While SOS mode is active,incoming calls by them will be automatically accepted. To
exit SOS mode, on the idle screen push the end key and select Yes.
• Display - You can adjust settings for the phone display.
• Flight mode - You can use this function to switch the flight mode on. You will not be
able to make calls, send messages when flight mode is switched on.
• Misc. settings - You can set the brightness of the LCD backlight.


You can set the menu relevant to a call.

SIM1/2 call settings

• Call waiting – Select Active or cancel call waiting.
• Call divert – Select methods for diverting calls.


Table of Contents

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