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Antenna Care - LG -B220a User Manual

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Antenna Care

Use only the supplied or an approved replacement antenna. Unauthorized antennas,
modifications, or attachments could damage the phone and may violate FCC
Suggestions for a more efficient operation
For your phone to operate most efficiently:
• Do not touch the antenna unnecessarily, when the phone is in use. The contact with
the antenna affects call quality, and may cause the phone to operate at a higher
power level than otherwise would be need.
Check the laws and regulations related to the use of wireless phones in the areas
where you drive. Always obey these regulations. Also, if using your phone while driving,
make sure to:
• Pay full attention to driving; driving safely is your first responsibility;
• Use hands-free operation, if available;
• Pull off the road and park, before making or answering a call, if driving conditions
demand so.


Table of Contents

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