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Abc Mode; 123 Mode; Inserting Symbols; Changing The Language - LG -B220a User Manual

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Enter the whole word.
- To delete letters, press Clear.

Abc mode

This mode allows you to enter letters by pressing the key labeled with the required
letter once, twice, three or four times until the letter is displayed.

123 mode

Type numbers using one keystroke per number. You can also add numbers while
remaining in letter modes by pressing and holding the desired key.

Inserting symbols

If you want to insert symbols, press the

Changing the language

There are two ways to change the writing language from the writing screen. You can
press Options, go to Writing language and then set the language you want or long
key in editor.

Message folders

Press Menu, select Messaging. And select the folder you want.
Inbox - You will be alerted when you have received messages. They will be stored in
Drafts - If you don't have time to finish writing a message, you can save what you have
written so far in here.
key, then you can choose a symbol.


Table of Contents

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