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Cabinet Configuration - Siemens SIMATIC RF300 System Manual

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RF300 system planning
4.6 EMC Directives

Cabinet configuration

The influence of the user in the configuration of an electromagnetically compatible plant
encompasses cabinet configuration, cable installation, ground connections and correct
shielding of cables.
For information about electromagnetically compatible cabinet configuration, please consult
the installation guidelines for SIMATIC PLCs.
Shielding by enclosure
Magnetic and electrical fields and electromagnetic waves can be kept away from the
interference sink by using a metal enclosure. The easier the induced interference current can
flow, the greater the intrinsic weakening of the interference field. All enclosures and metal
panels in the cabinet should therefore be connected in a manner allowing good
Figure 4-23
If the control cabinet panels are insulated from each other, a high-frequency-conducting
connection can be established using ribbon cables and high-frequency terminals or HF
conducting paste. The larger the area of the connection, the greater the high-frequency
conductivity. This is not possible using single-wire connections.
Shielding by enclosure
System Manual, Release 04/2006, J31069 D0166-U001-A2-7618

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