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Application Areas Of Rf300; Transponders - Siemens SIMATIC RF300 System Manual

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Application areas of RF300

SIMATIC RF300 is primarily used for non-contact identification of containers, palettes and
workpiece holders in a closed production circuit. The data carriers (transponders) remain in
the production chain and are not supplied with the products. SIMATIC RF300, with its
compact transponder and reader enclosure dimensions, is particularly suitable in confined
Main applications
• Mechanical engineering, automation systems, conveyor systems
• Ancillary assembly lines in the automotive industry, component suppliers
• Small assembly lines
Application examples
• Production lines for engines, gearboxes, axles, etc.
• Assembly lines for ABS systems, airbags, brake systems, doors, cockpits, etc.
• Assembly lines for household electrical appliances, consumer electronics and electronic
• Assembly lines for PCs, low-power motors, contactors, switches
Customer benefits
• Reading and writing of large data volumes within a short time enable reductions in
• Can be used in harsh environments thanks to rugged components with high degree of
• Simple and low-cost system integration into SIMATIC S7 and PROFIBUS (TIA)
• Shorter startup times, and reductions in plant faults and downtimes thanks to integral
• Cost savings thanks to maintenance-free components
System Manual, Release 04/2006, J31069 D0166-U001-A2-7618
communication equipment
product cycle times and thus help to boost productivity
diagnostics functionalities
System overview
3.2 RF300

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