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Siemens SIMATIC RF300 System Manual page 69

Rfid-systems simatic sensors
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Coupling paths
A coupling path has to be present before the disturbance emitted by the interference source
can affect the system. There are four ways in which interference can be coupled in:
Figure 4-22
When RFID modules are used, different components in the overall system can act as a
coupling path:
Table 4-10
Coupling path
Conductors and cables
Control cabinet or housing
System Manual, Release 04/2006, J31069 D0166-U001-A2-7618
Ways in which interference can be coupled in
Causes of coupling paths
Invoked by
Incorrect or inappropriate installation
Missing or incorrectly connected shield
Inappropriate physical arrangement of cables
Missing or incorrectly wired equalizing conductor
Missing or incorrect earthing
Inappropriate physical arrangement
Components not mounted securely
Unfavorable cabinet configuration
RF300 system planning
4.6 EMC Directives

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