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Rf300 System Overview; Release - Siemens SIMATIC RF300 System Manual

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System overview
3.2 RF300

RF300 system overview

SIMATIC RF300 is an inductive identification system specially designed for use in industrial
production for the control and optimization of material flow.
Thanks to its compact dimensions, RF300 is the obvious choice where installation conditions
are restricted, especially for assembly lines, handling systems and workpiece carrier
systems. RF300 is suitable for both simple and demanding RFID applications and it stands
out for its persuasive price/performance ratio.
The RF300 for low-performance applications offers a particularly low-cost solution concept. It
comprises the system components:
• 8xIQ-Sense communication module for ET 200M (PROFIBUS) and for direct connection
• RF310R reader with IQ-Sense interface
• RF320T, RF340T, RF350T and RF360T transponders
The high-performance components of RF300 provide advantages in terms of speed. The
system configuration includes the following components:
• ASM 452, ASM 456 and ASM 473 (PROFIBUS) and ASM 475 (S7-300 / ET 200M)
• RF310R, RF340R, RF350R readers with RS 422 interface
• RF320T, RF340T, RF350T and RF360T transponders.
RF300 is ready for multi-tag operation, but in this expansion stage, only the faster single-tag
operation is possible.
to an S7-300
communication modules
System Manual, Release 04/2006, J31069 D0166-U001-A2-7618

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