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Propagation Of Electromagnetic Interference - Siemens SIMATIC RF300 System Manual

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Propagation of electromagnetic interference

Three components have to be present for interference to occur in a system:
• Interference source
• Coupling path
• Interference sink
Figure 4-21
If one of the components is missing, e.g. the coupling path between the interference source
and the interference sink, the interference sink is unaffected, even if the interference source
is transmitting a high level of noise.
The EMC measures are applied to all three components, in order to prevent malfunctions
due to interference. When setting up a plant, the manufacturer must take all possible
measures in order to prevent the occurrence of interference sources:
• Only devices fulfilling limit class A of VDE 0871 may be used in a plant.
• Interference suppression measures must be introduced on all interference-emitting
• The design of the system must be such that mutual interference between individual
Information and tips for plant design are given in the following sections.
System Manual, Release 04/2006, J31069 D0166-U001-A2-7618
Propagation of interference
devices. This includes all coils and windings.
components is precluded or kept as small as possible.
RF300 system planning
4.6 EMC Directives

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