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Bowl-lift stand mixer
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Bowl, white flat beater and white
spiral dough hook may be washed
in an automatic dishwasher. Or,
clean them thoroughly in hot sudsy
water and rinse completely before
Wire whip, burnished spiral dough
hook and burnished flat beater
should be hand washed and dried
immediately. Do not wash wire
whip, burnished spiral dough hook
Your stand mixer is adjusted at the factory so the flat beater just clears the
bottom of the bowl. If, for any reason, the flat beater hits the bottom of the
bowl or is too far away from the bowl, you can correct the clearance easily.
1. Unplug stand mixer.
2. Place bowl-lift handle in down
3. Attach flat beater.
4. Adjust so flat beater just clears
bottom surface of bowl when in
lifted position by turning screw
(A) counterclockwise to raise the
bowl and clockwise to lower the
bowl. Just a slight turn is all that
is required: the screw will not
rotate more than
(90 degrees) in either direction.
(The full range of adjustment is
turn, or 180 degrees.)
5. Place bowl-lift handle in up
position to check clearance.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if necessary.
NOTE: When properly adjusted, the
flat beater will not strike on the
bottom or side of the bowl. If the
flat beater or the wire whip is so
close that it strikes the bottom of
the bowl, coating may wear off the
beater or wires on whip may

Care and Cleaning

Beater to Bowl Clearance

and burnished flat beater in a
dishwasher. Do not store beaters
on shaft.
NOTE: Always be sure to unplug
stand mixer before cleaning. Wipe
stand mixer with a soft, damp
cloth. Do not use household/
commercial cleaners. Do not
immerse in water. Wipe off beater
shaft frequently, removing any
residue that may accumulate.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents