Product Registration Card - KitchenAid 4KB25G1XBU3 Instructions & Recipes

Bowl-lift stand mixer
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Before you use your stand mixer,
please fill out and mail your
product registration card packed
with the Instructions and Recipes
manual. This card will enable us to
contact you in the unlikely event of
a product safety notification. This
card does not verify your warranty.
Model Number*______________________________________________________
Date Purchased ______________________________________________________
Dealer's Name _______________________________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________
*Located on the product registration card or under base.
Registered Trademark/™ Trademark/the shape of the stand mixer
200-6750 Century Ave., Mississauga ON L5N 0B7

Product Registration Card

is a trademark of KitchenAid, U.S.A.,
KitchenAid Canada Licensee in Canada
© 2010. All rights reserved.
Keep a copy of the sales receipt
showing the date of purchase of
your stand mixer. Proof of purchase
will assure you of in-warranty
Please complete the following for
your personal records:

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents