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Further Functions; Eco Dect - Gigaset E550A User Manual

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You are helping to protect the environment with your Gigaset.
Reduced energy consumption
Your telephone has a power-saving adapter plug and uses <0.5 W when in idle status
and when the batteries are not being charged.
Reducing radiation
The radiation from your telephone is reduced automatically:
• Handset: The closer the handset is to the base, the lower the radiation.
• Base: The radiation is reduced to virtually zero when only one handset is registered
and the handset is placed in the base.
You can reduce the radiation from the handset and the base even more by using Eco
• Eco Mode
Reduces the radiation of the base and handset by 80% – whether you are making
a call or not. Eco Mode reduces the range of the base by approx. 50%. Using Eco
Mode always makes sense when a reduced range is sufficient.
Switching off radiation
• Eco Mode+
When you activate Eco Mode+ the radiation (DECT transmission power) of base
and handset is switched off automatically and only turns on when calls are made.
This is also true when multiple handsets are used, provided the handsets support
Eco Mode+.
Eco Mode / Eco Mode+ can be activated/deactivated independently of one another
and can also be used with multiple handsets. The handset need not be placed in the
Activating/deactivating Eco Mode/Eco Mode+:
q Settings
Press the display key (³ = on).

Further functions

q System
q Eco Mode / Eco Mode+
Further functions


Table of Contents

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