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Sos-Function - Gigaset E550A User Manual

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Emergency function – direct dialling key
Your Gigaset E550A is equipped with four additional keys (;- >) on the base and
handset. Only the direct dialling key ; can be labelled with a special emergency
function ("SOS key"). You can use this to ask friends or neighbours for help in an emer-
The emergency function must be set up first (
When the emergency function is activated, the SOS key on the handset and
base is permanently illuminated!
How the procedure works
You trigger the emergency call on the base or handset by pressing the direct dial-
ling key ;.
The recipient of your emergency call hears an SOS announcement consisting of two
or three parts.
• Text part 1 (default): "This is an emergency call"
• Text part 2 (only if you have recorded a personal SOS announcement).
• Text part 3 (default): "To accept the call please press key 5"
If the called party now presses key 5, you can talk to one another.
If the called party does not take the call, the emergency function automatically dials
the next emergency number after 60 seconds (if more than one number is saved).
In addition, the emergency function automatically switches to the next emergency
number in the following situations:
• The answer machine for the selected emergency number is switched on
• The emergency number is busy
• The emergency call recipient's phone is not set to "tone dialling".
This sequence is repeated up to a maximum of three times. If none of the calls is
accepted, the emergency function concludes with an error tone .
If you trigger an emergency call accidentally, you can cancel it by pressing the
end call key a.
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Table of Contents

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