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Setting Up The Emergency Function - Gigaset E550A User Manual

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• During the entire procedure, all SOS keys flash on all registered handsets and
on the base. The message "Sending emergency call" is output on the handset
that triggered the emergency call.
• If an internal call is also programmed (
also be answered by an internal party. The text "Emergency call" is output on
all registered handsets and the base.
• If you have activated Eco Mode+ (
base will not be displayed on the handset. The SOS key ; will continue to
be illuminated even if there is no longer a radio connection.
Long press of the talk key c to check that the base can be reached. You
hear the ringing tone if the base can be reached.
• You are advised to perform a test run to ensure that the emergency function
is set up correctly. The police, rescue services or fire brigade must not be
used for a test run.
• Please note that the standby time of the handset will be reduced when the
emergency function is activated.
Recipients of the emergency call must have set their telephones to tone dialling
otherwise pressing 5 to confirm the emergency call will not be recognised.

Setting up the emergency function

In order to use the function you will need to:
• Save the emergency numbers
• Activate the emergency function
As an option you can also record a personal SOS announcement (e.g., name and
Setting up the emergency function for the first time
Prerequisite: No emergency numbers have yet been saved.
If you have already assigned the ; key for direct dialling, you will first need to
delete this number ( page 29). You can then save the emergency number(s) on
the direct dialling key ;.
In idle status, press the direct dialling key ; on the handset.
Activate the emergency function:
Emerg. Call Mode
You will be informed that no emergency number has yet been saved. The input field
for the first emergency number opens.
Enter the first emergency number and press §OK§.
Enter the relevant name and press §OK§.
(³= on)
page 29), the emergency call can
page 45), the radio connection to the


Table of Contents

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