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Making Calls - Gigaset E550A User Manual

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Making calls

When the display backlight is switched off, pressing any key will activate the back-
light. The relevant key function is performed.
Making external calls and ending calls
External calls are calls using the public telephone network.
~ (Enter phone number) and press
the talk keyc or
the handsfree keyd
The number is dialled.
You can also first press
and hold the Talk key c (dial tone) and then enter the number.
Ending a call/cancelling dialling:
Press the end call key a or place the handset in the base or charger.
Accepting a call
The handset indicates an incoming call in three ways: by ringing, by a display on the
screen and by the flashing talk key c.
You can accept the call on the handset by:
Pressing the talk key c.
Pressing the handsfree key d.
Press the display key §Accept§.
You can accept the call on the base by pressing the handsfree key d and calling
from the base.
If the handset is in the base and the Auto Answer function is activated ( page 52), the
handset will accept a call automatically when you lift it out of the base.
To deactivate the ringer, press the
as it is displayed on the screen.
Calling Line Identification
When you receive a call, the caller's number is displayed on the screen, if the following
prerequisites are met.
• Your network provider supports CLIP, CLI.
• CLI (Calling Line Identification): The caller's number is transmitted.
• CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation): The caller's number is displayed.
• You have requested CLIP from your network provider.
• The caller has arranged CLI with the network provider.
Making calls
display key. You can accept the call as long


Table of Contents

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