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Questions And Answers - Gigaset E550A User Manual

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Questions and answers

Possible solutions are available online at
In addition, the following overview provides troubleshooting assistance.
The display is blank
• The handset is not switched on:
• The battery is empty:
The device will not charge
• The handset is not inserted correctly in the charging cradle:
The device turns itself off even though the battery is still 2/3 charged according to
the display
• The contacts/batteries are unclean or corroded
replace the batteries (
The standby time of the batteries is less than that specified in the user guide
• Using the handset on systems from other manufacturers increases the
power consumption by up to 90%
Call is interrupted or completely disconnected
• Radio signals are weakened by walls, ceilings, insulation etc.
base behind/beneath metallic objects. Do not place the base in the cellar if
possible (
page 12)
Handsfree sound quality is not good
• Dirt on the handset (e.g. make-up, dust, iron filings)
page 67)
Loud crackling, background noises, interference, scratching, changing volume
• Interference from other devices (network components of fax, PC, printer, mobile
Increase the distance to other devices (at least half a metre) (
Echo audible
• Parallel connection of multiple PABX systems
multiple handsets on it (
You cannot make calls and "BASE" or "No base" is flashing in the display
• The power cable is not connected to the base:
( page 13)
"Not possible!" appears in the display
• Telephoning externally is not possible whilst another external call is being made.
Wait until the other call has ended (does not apply if the internal listening
function has been activated).
• Making an external call whilst another party is speaking on your answer
Wait until the announcement on the answer machine has ended
Press and hold the End call key a.
Charge the battery or replace it (
page 14)
page 59).
page 15).
Insert handset
Clean the contacts/batteries or
Do not place the
Clean the handset
Use only one system and register
Check the base power adapter
page 12)


Table of Contents

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