Reverse Freezer Door - Kenmore 795.69292.902 Service Manual

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• Gently pry off the Top Hinge Cover with a flat head
screwdriver and remove (see Fig.13).
Fig. 13
• Using 10mm or 13/32-inch socket wrench, remove
the 3 bolts and lift off the Top Hinge (see Fig. 14).
Set parts aside.
Fig. 14
Top Hinge
• Lift up door slightly and remove it (Fig. 15).
Fig. 15
Mode Hinge Bracket
• Turn free
zer door upside down on a non-scratch
surface and loosen the screw to remove Door
Closer/Stop and Hinge Pin Insert (see Fig. 16).
Door Closer/ Stop
• Move the Hinge Pin Insert Bracket to the other side
of the door, keeping the same orientation, and move
the Hinge Pin Insert into the hole on the left side
of the bracket (Fig. 17).
• Reverse Door Closer/Stop by flipping over
(see Fig. 18), place on top of Hinge Pin Insert
Bracket, and tighten both down with the screw.
• Pry off cover on top of refrigerator on left side to
uncover screw holes (Fig. 19).
• Set freezer door and Top Hinge parts to the side
and remove refrigerator door.
Hinge Pin
- 8 -
Hinge Pin Insert
Hinge Pin
Insert Bracket
Fig. 19
(on top of

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Table of Contents

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