Reverse And Reattached Refrigerator Door - Kenmore 795.69292.902 Service Manual

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• Using a ¼-inch socket wrench, loosen and remove
Hinge Pin from the Middle Hinge Pin Bracket.
Remove washer underneath the middle hinge and
set aside
NOTE: At this point the door will be loose, lift up
door slightly and remove it. (Fig. 20 and 20a).
Fig. 20
Fig. 20a
• Loosen and remove the 2 bolts and the
phillips head screw to remove the Middle
Hinge Bracket from refrigerator housing
(Fig. 21). Set parts aside.
Fig. 21
• Remove base grill.
• Remove the washer from the Bottom Hinge Pin (Fig.22).
• Using a ¼-inch socket wrench, loosen and remove
the Hinge Pin from the Bottom Hinge. Reattach
the Hinge Pin to the opposite side of the Hinge
(see Fig. 22 and 22a).
NOTE: This is easier to do while the Hinge is still attached.
Fig. 22
Fig. 20
Fig. 22a
Fig. 20a
• Using 10 mm or 13/32-inch socket wrench
with 2-inch extension, loosen the 3 bolts
and remove the Bottom Hinge from right
side of housing (Fig. 23).
Fig. 23
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Table of Contents

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