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Appearance Care
Painted Aluminum Wheel
Refer to
Saf ety Precautions
Aluminum may corrode from contact with
dirt, mud, or road salt. Clean the wheels
after riding through any of these
substances. Use a wet sponge and mild
detergent. Avoid stiff brushes, steel wool,
or cleaners containing abrasives or
chemical compounds.
After washing, rinse with plenty of water
and dry with a clean cloth.
If the paint is chipped, apply touch-up
Servicing Your Honda
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Clean the Matte Painted Surface
Refer to
Saf ety Precautions
Use a soft cloth or sponge, plenty of water,
and a mild detergent to clean the matte
paint. Dry with a soft, clean cloth.
Do not use polishing compounds or wax
containing polishing compounds. These
can damage or discolor the paint.
To keep your Honda looking new, clean
and polish it frequently.
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