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When possible, reduce your speed or
complete braking before entering a turn.
Avoid braking or closing the throttle
quickly while turning. Either action may
cause one or both wheels to slip and
reduce your control of your motorcycle.
Your ability to brake in a turn and to brake
hard in an emergency situation are
important riding skills. We suggest
attending a Motorcycle Safety Foundation
experienced rider training course
) to retain these skills.
When riding in wet or rainy conditions, or
on loose surfaces, the ability to maneuver
and stop will be reduced. All of your
actions should be smooth under these
conditions. Rapid acceleration, braking or
turning may cause loss of control.
Basic Operation & Riding
For your safety, exercise extreme caution
when braking, accelerating or turning.
When descending a long, steep grade, use
engine compression braking by
downshifting using the 6-speed manual
mode, with intermittent use of both brakes.
Continuous brake application can overheat
the brakes and reduce their effectiveness.
Riding with your foot resting on the brake
pedal or your hand on the brake lever may
actuate the brakelight, giving a false
indication to other drivers. It may also
overheat the brakes, reducing


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