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Advanced Access Content System (AACS) is the content
protection scheme used with Blu-ray™ discs.
Analog Audio
An electrical signal that directly represents sound.
Compare this to digital audio which can be an electrical
signal, but is an indirect representation of sound. See
also "Digital Audio".
Aspect Ratio
The width of a TV screen relative to its height.
Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV screen
is almost square); widescreen models are 16:9 (the TV
screen is almost twice as wide as its height).
AVCHD is a new format for high definition video
camcorders which can record and play high-resolution
HD images.
Blu-ray Disc™
Blu-ray Disc™ is a next generation optical video disc
which is capable of storing much more data than a
conventional DVD. The large capacity makes it possible
to benefit from the features such as high-definition
videos, multi-channel surround sounds, interactive
menus and so on.
Just as a book is split up into several chapters, a Title
on a BD-video or DVD-video is usually divided into
chapters. See also "Title".
Cinavia Notice
This product uses Cinavia technology to limit the
use of unauthorized copies of some commercially-
produced film and videos and their soundtracks. When
a prohibited use of an unauthorized copy is detected, a
message will be displayed and playback or copying will
be interrupted.
More information about Cinavia technology is provided
at the Cinavia Online Consumer Information Center at
To request additional information about Cinavia by mail,
send a postcard with your mailing address to: Cinavia
Consumer Information Center, P.O. Box 86851, San
Diego, CA, 92138, USA.
This product incorporates proprietary technology under
license from Verance Corporation and is protected by
U.S. Patent 7,369,677 and other U.S. and worldwide
patents issued and pending as well as copyright and
trade secret protection for certain aspects of such
Cinavia is a trademark of Verance Corporation.
Copyright 2004-2016 Verance Corporation. All
rights reserved by Verance. Reverse engineering or
disassembly is prohibited.
Digital Audio
An indirect representation of sound by numbers. During
recording, the sound is measured at discrete intervals
(44,100 times a second for CD audio) by an analog-
to-digital converter, generating a stream of numbers.
On playback, a digital-to-analog converter generates
an analog signal based on these numbers. See also
"Sampling Frequency" and "Analog Audio".
Dolby Digital
The system to compress digital sound developed by
Dolby Laboratories. It offers you sound of stereo (2ch)
or multi-channel audio.
Dolby Digital Plus
Dolby Digital Plus is the next generation digital audio
compression technology developed as an extension to
Dolby Digital. Blu-ray Disc™ supports 7.1 multi-channel
surround sound output.
Dolby TrueHD
Dolby TrueHD is a lossless coding technology
developed for next generation optical discs. Blu-
ray Disc™ supports 7.1 multi-channel surround sound
(Digital Theater System)
is a multi channel surround sound system. You
can enjoy movie dynamic and realistic sound like
movie theater. DTS surround sound technologies were
developed by DTS, Inc.
is a lossless coding technology developed as
an extension of the original DTS Coherent Acoustics
format. Blu-ray Disc™ supports 7.1 multi-channel
surround sound output.
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)
A digital interface between an audio and video Source.
It can transmit component video, audio, and control
signal with one cable connection.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
JPEG is a method of compressing still picture files. You
can copy JPEG files on BD-RE/-R, DVD-RW/-R, CD-
RW/-R, or USB Memory Stick from a computer and play
back the files on this unit.
Local Storage
A storage area of sub contents for playing virtual
packages on BD-video.
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