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In the following cases, configure each setting as necessary.
– When connection test failed with Auto setting.
– When instructed by your Internet service provider to make specific settings in accordance with your Network
IP setting
1. Use [
2. Use [
] to select "Network", then press [OK].
3. Use [
] to select "Network Installation", then press [OK].
4. Use [
] to select "Start", then press [OK].
5. Use [
] to select "Wired", then press [OK].
6. Use [
] to select "Manual Setup", then press [OK].
7. Use [
] to select the desired setting, then press [OK].
• The range of input Numbers is between 0 and 255.
• Use [
] to move between input fields. Use [
setting, press [BACK].
8. When all items are entered, use [
9. Use [
] to select "Yes" or "No" for proxy server, then press [OK].
• If you use a proxy server, select "Yes" then press [OK] to go to the next step.
• If you do not use a proxy server, select "No" then press
10. "Proxy Address" setting screen will appear. Enter a proxy address using the cursor buttons, the color
keys, and [OK].
11. Press [RED] to go to the "Proxy Port" setting screen.
• If you Use
setting screen.
12. Use [
13. Connection test confirmation screen will appear. Select "Yes", then press [OK] to start the connection
test. The test result will appear right after the connection test finishes.
14. "Network connection succeeds." will be displayed. Select "Finish", then press [OK] to complete the
• Enter an IP Address after checking the specifications of your Router.
• If an IP Address is unknown, check the IP Address of other devices (e.g. PC connected with a LAN cable). Then, in
the fourth cell to the right, assign a different number from those other devices.
• Enter the DNS Addresses provided by your Internet service provider.
• If the DNS Address is unknown, check the DNS Address of other devices (e.g. PC connected via LAN cable) and
assign the same DNS Address.
• The range of input numbers for the port number is between 0 and 65535. (This number must be no greater than
• For proxy port, certain ports might be closed, blocked or unusable depending on your network environment.
• When the settings are changed, the network connection may be disabled depending on the device.
] to select "Setup" in the Home Menu, then press [OK].
to select "Done" then press [OK] instead of [RED], you can go to the "Proxy Port"
] to change the proxy port number, then press [OK].
] changes the number by 1. If you want to exit this
] to select "Continue", then press [OK].
to go to step 13.


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