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Cannot find a Photo file.
Cannot play back Music files from
a disc.
Cannot find a Music file.
Music files play choppy.
No Audio signal from Surround
system of the audio system.
Cannot connect to the Internet
although the Connection Test
Cannot connect to the Network.
Cannot use "Easy Connect" to
connect to the Access Point.
Cannot use the Wireless
Cannot connect to the Network
while my PC is Connected to the
You are not sure if the unit is
Connected to the Internet.
Make sure that the file extension is .jpg / .JPG / .jpeg / .JPEG. / .png / or
Make sure that the disc was recorded in the UDF, ISO9660 or JOLIET
Confirm that the Bitrate and Sampling Frequency are compatible with this
unit. (Refer to page 20)
Make sure that the file extension is MP3, AAC or FLAC for Music files.
CDs / DVDs containing FLAC (.flac) / WAV (.wav) files with high frequency
and large quantization bit rates may not play properly. In such cases, copy
the Music files to a Blu-ray Disc™ or USB Memory Stick, then try playing.
Make sure the audio system is turned on.
Check the Input mode on the audio system if it is on the correct channel.
Check if the Surround system is compatible with either Bitstream or
LPCM. If not sure please check the user manual or contact the Surround
manufacturer. Once confirmed check the setting in the "Setup" of this unit.
Increase the volume level of the Surround system.
Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the Modem and
Confirm that another device, such as a PC, can connect to the Internet.
Check to see if the Modem and Router have Power turned On.
Make sure that the Ethernet cable is properly connected to the Modem and
Confirm if the Internet light is showing activity (light blinking) on the Modem
and Router.
Check network settings on the unit.
Turn Off this unit and the Modem and Router (if it has a Power button), then
unplug their AC cords. After 30 seconds, plug them back in and turn the
devices back On. If you have a Telephone / Internet modem with your cable
service, then you may have to use its Reset button or remove the Backup
Battery to Reset this type of modem. Now wait for the lights to show activity
and try reconnecting.
Check the cable connection to the Router when connecting with an
Ethernet cable.
Confirm "View Network Settings" in the Setup.
Turn On the DHCP function on the Router.
If the Access Point's security mode is set to "WEP", change the setting to "WPA"
or "WPA2 (recommended)", then try "Easy Connect" again. Refer to "
on page 40. (For Access Point configuration, please consult its User Manual
or Manufacturer.)
Connect the unit to the Access Point using "Auto Scan" or "Manual Entry"
Once you have activated the Wireless Connection please wait 30 seconds
for the connection to be established after Turning On the unit, before
trying to access Network features such as BD-Live™ and third-party
Network Services.
Check the content of your Internet service contract to see if your Internet
Service Provider prevents multiple terminals connecting at the same time.
Perform the Connection Test. (refer to page page 40)
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