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• Use the supplied remote control. Remote-control
operation on any other remote control, such as a
universal remote control, is not guaranteed.
• Make sure the component code on your Universal
Remote Control is set to our brand. Refer to the
instruction book accompanying your Remote Control
for more details.
C Installing the Batteries in the Remote Control
Install 2 AAA (1.5V) batteries matching the polarity
indicated inside battery compartment of the remote
Incorrect use of batteries can result in hazards such
as leakage and bursting. Please follow the guidelines
• Lithium or ni-cad and ni-mh rechargeable batteries
are not recommended to use for remote control.
• Do not mix different types of batteries such as
alkaline and standard (carbon-zinc).
• Do not mix new and old batteries together.
• Do not use different kinds of batteries together.
Although they may look similar, different batteries
may have different voltages.
• Make sure that the + and - ends of each battery
match the indications in the battery compartment.
• Remove batteries from battery compartment, when
the remote is not going to be used for a month or
• When disposing of used batteries, please comply
with governmental regulations or environmental
public rules that apply in your country or area.
• Do not recharge, short-circuit, heat, burn or
disassemble batteries.
C Using the Remote Control
Remote Control Usage Guidelines:
• Make sure that there are no obstacles between the
remote control and the infrared sensor window on
the unit.
• Remote operation may become unreliable if strong
sunlight or fluorescent light is shining on the infrared
sensor window of the unit.
• Remote controls of different devices can interfere
with each other. Avoid using a remote control from
another device which is located close to the unit.
• Replace the batteries when you notice a fall-off in
the operating range of the remote control.
• The maximum operable ranges from the unit are as
- Line of sight:
approx. 23 feet (7 m)
- Either side of the center:
approx. 16 feet (5 m) within 30°
- Above:
approx. 16 feet (5 m) within 15°
- Below:
approx. 10 feet (3 m) within 30°
16 feet (5 m) 23 feet (7 m) 16 feet (5 m)


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