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EN: For further assistance, call the customer support service in your country.
• To obtain assistance in the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, contact
Philips Customer Care Center at 1-866-310-0744
• To obtain assistance in Mexico, contact Philips Customer Care Center at 01 800 839 1989
ES: Para obtener mas informacion, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su pais.
• Para obtener asistencia en los Estados Unidos, en Canada, Puerto Rico o en las Islas Virgenes de los Estados
Unidos, comuniquese con Centro de atencion al cliente de Philips al 1-866-310-0744
• Solo para Mexico CENTRO DE ATENCION A CLIENTES LADA 01800 839 1989.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Philips BDP2100/F8

  • Page 1: Hookup And Play

    • To obtain assistance in the U.S.A., Canada, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands, contact Philips Customer Care Center at 1-866-310-0744 • To obtain assistance in Mexico, contact Philips Customer Care Center at 01 800 839 1989 ES: Para obtener mas informacion, llame al servicio de soporte al cliente de su pais.
  • Page 2 Before you connect this Blu-ray disc/ DVD player, read and understand all accompanying instructions. Antes de utilizar este reproductor de Blu-ray / DVD, asegúrese de leer y comprender las instrucciones adjuntas. Descripción/Description: REPRODUCTOR DE DISCO DE VIDEO DIGITAL BDP2100/F8 Modelo/Model: Alimentación/Mains: 100-127V~, 50Hz -60Hz Consumo/Consumption: Importador/Importer: P&F MEXICANA, S.A.
  • Page 3 Register your product and get support at HDMI VIDEO COAXIAL COAXIAL...
  • Page 6 SOURCE...
  • Page 7 DVD/VCD/CD DivX Plus HD/MKV MP3 / JPEG...
  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Video, audio and picture options DivX videos Play a musical slideshow BonusView on Blu-ray BD-Live on Blu-ray Set up a network Enjoy Internet services Use Philips EasyLink 3 Change settings Picture Sound Network (installation, status...) Preference (languages, parental control...) 16 Advanced options (clear memory...)
  • Page 9: Use Your Blu-Ray Disc/ Dvd Player

    Access the home menu. Congratulations on your purchase, and Stop play. welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from Press and hold (more than 4 the support that Philips offers (e.g. product seconds) to open or close the software upgrade), register your product at disc compartment.
  • Page 10: Video, Audio And Picture Options

    [PIP Selection]: Display a picture-in-picture • Video, audio and picture window (only for Blu-ray discs that support options BonusView). • [Zoom]: Zoom into a video picture. Press to select a zoom factor. More options are available for video or picture •...
  • Page 11: Divx Videos

    [Cyrillic] Audio options Bulgarian, Belorussian, English, Macedonian, Moldavian, Russian, Serbian, and Ukrainian [Greek] Greek [Baltic] Northern Europe Note Press repeatedly to cycle through the following options. • To play DivX DRM protected files from a USB storage • Repeat the current track. device, connect this player to a TV through HDMI.
  • Page 12: Bd-Live On Blu-Ray

    Select [2nd Audio Language] or [2nd Set up a network Subtitle Language], and press OK. Connect this player to the Internet to access BD-Live on Blu-ray the services: BD-Live: access online bonus features • (applicable to Blu-ray discs that are BD- Access exclusive online services, such as movie Live enabled) trailers, games, ringtones and other bonus...
  • Page 13: Enjoy Internet Services

    This player supports Philips EasyLink which necessary, read documentation accompanying network uses the HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics components. Philips is not responsible for lost, damaged Control) protocol. You can use a single remote or corrupt data. control to control EasyLink compliant devices that are connected through HDMI.
  • Page 14: Change Settings

    3 Change settings Note • If you change a setting, make sure that the TV supports the new setting. • For settings related to HDMI, the TV must be This section helps you to change the settings of connected through HDMI. this player.
  • Page 15: Network (Installation, Status

    TV code for this player. screen (this feature works with some [Netflix ESN]: Display ESN (Electronic • Philips TVs only). Serial Number) for this player. [Deactivation](Deactivation): Cancel • Netflix or Vudu activation on this player...
  • Page 16: Update Software

    » When the update is complete, this player automatically turns off and on again. Update software via USB Check the latest software version on www. • Search for your model and click on "Software and drivers". Download the software into a USB storage device.
  • Page 17: Specifications

    5 Specifications Press , and select [Setup]. Select [Advanced] > [Software Update]> [USB]. » If an upgrade media is detected, you Note are prompted to start the update. • Specifications are subject to change without notice Follow the instructions on the TV screen to update the software.
  • Page 18: Troubleshooting

    Laser Specification get support at • Laser Type (Diode): AlGaInN (BD), AlGaInP If you contact Philips, you will be asked for the (DVD/CD) model and serial number of this player. The • Wave length: 398nm to 413nm...
  • Page 19 No secondary audio output for picture-in- • Make sure that this player is connected picture feature. to the Philips brand EasyLink TV, and the • When [Bitstream] under the [HDMI EasyLink option is turned on (see "Use Audio] or [Digital Audio] menu is selected, your Blu-ray disc/ DVD player"...
  • Page 20 • Make sure that the network installation is disconnect it from the power outlet made (see "Use your Blu-ray disc/ DVD immediately. Contact Philips Consumer Care player" > "Set up a network"). to have the product checked before use. •...
  • Page 21 Keep the battery out of reach of children disposal of batteries helps prevent potentially at all times! negative consequences on the environment and human health. Please visit for additional information on a recycling center in CLASS 1 your area. LASER PRODUCT...
  • Page 22 Center, P.O. Box 86851, San Diego, CA, 92138, disassembly are prohibited. USA. Open source software Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd hereby Trademarks offers to deliver, upon request, a copy of the complete corresponding source code for the copyrighted open source software packages used in this product for which such offer is requested by the respective licenses.
  • Page 23 Manufactured under license under U.S. Patent #’s: 5,451,942;5,956,674; 5,974,380; 5,978,762; 6,487,535 & other U.S. and worldwide patents Java and all other Java trademarks and logos are issued & pending. DTS and the Symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun registered trademarks, &...
  • Page 24 P&F Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. Av. La Palma No. 6, Col. San Fernando La Herradura, Huixquilucan Edo. de México C.P. 52787 Specifications are subject to change without notice © 2013 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights reserved. BDP2100_F8_UM_V1.1...

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Table of Contents