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Operation Mode - Siemens AR6181-MS Operating Instructions Manual

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Operation Mode

Siemens Building Technologies
Fire Safety & Security Products
Please Note: For the reader to transmit BCD ID it is necessary also to select ASCII-
Minimal protocol, otherwise no data are transmitted. Omron interfaces, also known as
Mag stripe or Clock/Data, are not supported.
Please note:
The ID-number is a SIPASS format, 7 bit coded number, written by the user into
the data area of the Mifare access cards. Mifare data areas are divided into sec-
tors and blocks. For each separate data block the reader may have a key code to
enable reading and then another for writing. Without the correct key the data re-
mains protected.
RS485 electrical signals may be connected to models DC2000 or K24 and mes-
sages sent under the UCI protocol. Please note that this connection supports Mi-
fare Classic cards but does not support Mifare DESfire EV1 cards.
RS485 electrical signals may be connected to models DC2000, CC30xx, DRI or
ERI and messages sent under the CerPass-protocol.
To operate the card reader AR6181-MS or AR6182-MS in the normal mode,
DIP9 must be OFF!
The Operation Mode is selected by all the up DIP-switch positions described in the
preceding sections. The special configuration mode can be reached with the fol-
lowing DIP-settings. In this on position no cards will be read or any card informa-
tion transmitted.
DIP1...DIP8 = off or on, DIP9 = on
When finished with configuration, terminate with or without saving the changes.
Then set DIP9 into the off position and restart the reader to return to normal opera-
tion. Within configuration mode you may check or change some additional settings
or get information out of the reader with the proprietary ASCII-Minimal protocol de-
scribed below.
ASCII-Minimal protocol:
The ASCII-Minimal protocol provides additional configuration of your reader. To
operate the ASCII-Minimal protocol the card reader has to be connected to your
PC. Use serial communication line COM1/2, a converter RS485 – V24 (RS232)
and a direct connecting cable. The protocol does not support connection via a bus.
The communication and operation can be done with a terminal program like Hyper-
Data frame:
max. Telegram length:
Information to read
ID-Number, SIPASS 7bit ASCII
coded decimal digits connected
via RS-485
9600 baud
20 byte
3 sec.
ASCII: "0" ... "9"; "a"...."z"; "A" ..... "Z"
Setting up
Card type
Mifare Classic, Mifare
8 Bit, no parity, 1 stop bit


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