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General Features; Power Up; Programming Mode; Timeout Period - Siemens RB500 Installation Manual


Table of Contents
RB500 Installation Guide

General features

Power Up

Power up will give a rising tone from the Buzzer/
Horn. The factory setting gives that Clock&Data
configuration is selected and will work for the
Bewator 2010 Omnis. See also Preset Configura-
tion (short codes)

Programming Mode

Programming mode is enabled when powering
up the reader with the 'B' button pressed for 2
seconds. This is indicated by red and green LEDs

Timeout Period

When the reader is in programming mode if no
cards are presented to the reader or short code
keys pressed the reader will automatically time out
and return to normal operation after 60 seconds.

Exit Programming Mode

Programming mode can be cancelled by press-
ing 'B' when red and green LEDs are flashing

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents