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Desfire Ev1 Key Position; Output Length; Transponder Type; Switch Show Setup - Siemens AR6181-MS Operating Instructions Manual

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Setting up DESFire EV1 key position Output length Transponder type Switch show setup AES-Keys

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Each file is divided by the reader into 16 byte logical blocks. In the example the
data are read from byte 65 to byte 72 in file one,
This selects the position of the key which will be used for reading. The positions
are numbered 0x00 – 0x0D as the transponder can hold up to 14 keys.
This command specifies 4byte output for reading of Mifare Classic and 7byte for
Mifare DESFire EV1 transponder.
O 0 configure the reader for Mifare Classic and O 1 will configure for Mifare DES-
Fire EV1.
The two transponder types can be read in parallel or separately. T 0 1 will disable
Mifare Classic and activate Mifare DESFire EV1 transponder. Setting both values
to one will activate both types for migration scenarios.
Each setting which has done can be controlled by using command S. The answer
of the reader might contain the following settings:
- Switches (DIP1...DIP8): 00000110
- Mifare: not activate!
- DESFire EV1: ID-Number
AID: F531C0
Fileinfo: 01 04 00 07
DES key position: 01
Protocol: Cerpass [01], BCD (4Bit)
Keys which are stored in the reader can't be displayed for security reasons.
The reader is able to store three different keys. Key A and B are used for Mifare
Classic and key C will be used for Mifare DESFire EV1. Key A and B are 6 byte
and key C is 16 byte long. Other keys will not be accepted by the reader.



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