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Assembling The Grill - Miele HR 1421 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric, 30" induction range 30", 36" all gas range 30", 36", 48" dual fuel range
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Assembling the grill

Burn hazard!
The burners must be turned off and
allowed to cool completely.
Risk of injury!
The cast-iron grill is heavy.
Carry the grill carefully and place it
securely on a soft base so that it lies
a Grill
b Radiant plate
c Frame
 Using a soft sponge, clean radiant
plate  with a solution of warm water
and a small amount of liquid dish
soap. Dry the parts thoroughly after
 Remove the grill  from the gas
 Place the radiant plate  on top of
the frame .
Notes on installation
 Place the grill  into position.
Cleaning and care
Tip: All parts can be disassembled in
the reverse order. You can also remove
the frame for cleaning.



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