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Checking The Installation Space - Miele HR 1421 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric, 30" induction range 30", 36" all gas range 30", 36", 48" dual fuel range
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Anti-tip device

Checking the installation space

Install the anti-tip device on a floor capable of bearing significant weight, such as
a concrete floor, concrete wall or timber framing. The surface must be flat and
 If the rear of the range has distance A to the supporting wall due to unevenness
or wall covering (e.g., tile level), you must install the anti-tip device to the
supporting floor. Alternatively, you can also install the anti-tip device with an
adapter between the supporting wall and the anti-tip device. The adapter must
compensate dimension A and be made of suitable material so that a supporting
composite arises between the wall and anti-tip device. Use the corresponding
screws (length and diameter).
A = Distance between the rear of the range to the supporting wall
 Check the floor surface.
 Check the installation dimensions.



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