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Attach The Stainless Steel Hose To The Range; Connecting To The Water Supply - Miele HR 1421 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric, 30" induction range 30", 36" all gas range 30", 36", 48" dual fuel range
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Attach the stainless steel hose
to the range.
Make sure that the stainless steel
hose is not kinked or damaged. The
stainless steel hose must not be
 Remove the cover from the water
supply connection at the back of the
 Take the angled side of the stainless
steel hose and check whether a
gasket is present. If not, insert one.
 Screw the stainless steel hose
coupling nut onto the threaded union.
 Ensure that the hose is correctly

Connecting to the water supply

Danger of electric shock!
Disconnect the range from the
electrical supply before connecting it
to the water supply.
 Check that the gasket is present.
Replace, if not, insert before
connecting to the water supply.
 Connect the stainless steel hose to
the water supply.
Old or previously used tubing should
never be connected to the range.
Only use the stainless steel hose
 Ensure that the hose is correctly
 Slowly open the shut-off valve to the
water supply and check for leaks.



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