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Plumbing; Notes On Connecting To The Water Supply - Miele HR 1421 Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric, 30" induction range 30", 36" all gas range 30", 36", 48" dual fuel range
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Notes on connecting to the
water supply
The appliance must be connected to
the water supply by a qualified
Disconnect the appliance from the
power supply before connecting it to
the water line.
Turn off the water supply before
connecting the water lines for the
– All devices used for connecting the
appliance to the water supply must
comply with the current national and
local safety regulations in the country
in which the range is being installed.
– We do not recommend the use of
water produced by Reverse Osmosis
filtration systems. Along with the
possibility of detrimental health
effects, highly purified water can
cause the premature corrosion and
failure of components in your
appliance. Furthermore, many RO
systems, especially under counter
systems, do not deliver sufficient
water pressure to allow the appliance
to operate properly. Connection to
such a water supply could cause
poor performance, premature
appliance failure, leaks and/or
flooding. Miele will not be responsible
for any damages caused by
appliances connected to these
systems. Only use filtered, softened
and demineralized water from the
building's plumbing to supply the
– Connect the range to a cold water
supply only.
– The range may be connected to a
water supply without a non-return
– A water shut-off valve must be
provided between the stainless steel
hose and the household water supply
to ensure that the water supply can
be cut off if necessary.
– The water shut-off valve must be
accessible after installation.
– The water pressure must be between
1 and 10 bar (10
and 145 psi). If the pressure is higher
than this, install a pressure reducer.
– 30" and 36" range: The provided
stainless steel hose has a length of 4'
11" (1.5 m).
48" Range: The provided stainless
steel hose has a length of 9'
10" (3 m).
Longer intake hoses are available if
necessary. Do not shorten the hoses.
– The total hose length must not
exceed 24.5 ft. (7.5 m).
Ensure that the shut-off valve is
accessible after installation.
Replace the stainless steel hose if it
is damaged, using only an original
Miele hose to do so (available from
Miele). The hose must be suitable for
supplying drinking water.


and 10
Pa or 14.5



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