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Introduction To Micromaster System Parameters - Siemens Micromaster 420 Operating Instruction

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Scrolling Function
When the user is required to change a value of a parameter, the
button on the BOP are used to increase and decrease the value respectively.
Changing single digits in Parameter values
For changing the parameter value rapidly, the single digits of the display can be changed
by performing the following actions:
Ensure you are in the parameter value changing level (see "Changing parameters with
1. Press
2. Change the value of this digit by pressing
3. Press
4. Perform steps 2 to 4 until the required value is displayed.
5. Press the
The function button may also be used to acknowledge a fault condition.
Jump Function
From any parameter (rXXXX or PXXXX) a short press of the Fn button will immediately
jump to r0000, you can then change another parameter, if required. Upon returning to
r0000, pressing the Fn button will return you to your starting point.

Introduction to MICROMASTER System Parameters

The parameters can only be changed by using the Basic Operator Panel (BOP), the
Advance Operator Panel (AOP) or the Serial Interface.
Parameters can be changed and set using the BOP to adjust the desired properties of the
inverter, such as ramp times, minimum and maximum frequencies etc. The parameter
numbers selected and the setting of the parameter values are indicated on the optional
five-digit LCD display.
♦ If you press the ∆ or ∇ button momentarily, the values change step by step. If you
keep the buttons pressed for a longer time, the values scroll through rapidly.
♦ In the parameter tables:
' '
All other parameters can only be changed when the inverter is stopped.
♦ Read only parameters are indicated with r instead of P.
♦ P0010 initiates "quick commissioning".
♦ The inverter will not run unless P0010 is set to 0 after it has been accessed. This
function is automatically perform if P3900 > 0.
♦ P0004 acts as a filter, allowing access to parameters according to their functionality.
♦ If an attempt is made to change a parameter that cannot be changed in this status,
for example, cannot be changed whilst running or can only be changed in quick
commissioning, then
MICROMASTER 420 Operating Instructions
(function button), which causes the right hand digit to blink.
(function button) again causes the next digit to blink.
to leave the parameter value changing level.
Parameters can only be changed during quick commissioning, e.g.
if P0010 = 0.
Indicates parameters that can be changed during operation.
Indicates that the value of this factory setting depends on the rating of the
will be displayed.
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button and the


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