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Overview Of Micromaster System Parameters - Siemens Micromaster 420 Operating Instruction

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Overview of MICROMASTER System Parameters

Default setup
The MM420 is supplied with a Status Display Panel (SDP). To change parameters it is
necessary to use a Basic Operator Panel (BOP), Advanced Operator Panel (AOP) or an
external serial interface. The MM420 is therefore delivered with the following default
Motor Parameters to suit a Siemens 4 pole motor to match the drive power and
Setpoint control from the Analog input; 0 – 10V corresponding to 0 to 50 Hz or 0 to 60
Hz (North America).
Digital inputs:
DIN 1 Run right
DIN 2 Reverse
DIN 3 Fault Reset
DIP switch 2
Off position: European defaults (50Hz, kW etc.)
On position: North American Defaults (60Hz, hp etc.). Refer to P0100 for further
DIP switch 1 is for factory use only. The switch must be in the OFF position to
operate the inverter.
Relay – Fault conditions.
Analogue Output – Output frequency
Basic Operator Panel Function (Fn) Button
Use of Function button.
The Function button is used to view additional information. To view additional information
the following actions should be performed:
From any parameter, press and hold the function button during operation.
1. The display will change to show the DC link voltage (indicated by d).
2. Press the function button again to show the output current (A).
3. Press the function button again to show the output frequency (Hz).
4. Press the function button again to show the output voltage (indicated by o).
5. Press the function button again to show the function that has been selected for
display in P0005. (If P0005 is set to show any of the above (3,4, or 5) then this will
not be shown again.)
Additional presses will toggle around the above displays.
Press and hold the function button at any point in the cycle to display at any point in the
cycle; the parameter number you started from (e.g. r0000) and release to return to that
MICROMASTER 420 Operating Instructions


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