Safety Precautions - Electrolux T4530 Service Manual

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Safety Precautions

Programming is only to be carried out by qualified personnel.
High voltage on the printed circuit board.
Continuity and resistance measurements suggested by the procedures in this manual
require that power to the dryer be disconnected, and that the device whose resistance is
being measured be disconnected from all circuits that might affect the accuracy of the
Note! It is very important that the board
• Always use an earthed wrist strap.
• Without the antistatic wrapping the board is unprotected.
• Keep all subjects away from the board which can cause static electricity.
• Subjects like plastic, foam plastic, nylon, or cellophane wrapping are all big dischargers
of static electricity.
• Static electricity can not always be felt, heard or seen.
• Board components can be damaged by static electricity under 100V.
• Static electricity can not be felt, heard or seen till the voltage reaches 2500V.
Safety Precautions
ImPoRtaNt SeRvICe Note!
is protected from static electricity

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents