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Print Mode; General; Prerequisites For Operation In Print Mode - Siemens SIMATIC S5 CP 523 Manual

Serial i/o module.
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CP 523

Print Mode



The CP 523 enables the output of message texts to a printer in Print mode:
Output of message texts defined by you in data blocks (DB) 2 to 255 on the memory sub-
Insertion of the actual time of day and date in the message text to be printed out. The clock
data is supplied by the integral real-time clock.
Insertion of current variables in the printout.
The variable values can be transferred from the CPU to the CP 523.

Prerequisites for Operation in Print Mode

The following conditions must be met in order to operate the CP 523 in Print mode:
1. Printer settings
The printer settings must agree with your configured settings on the memory submodule (para-
meter blocks in DB 1). If you have set a baud rate of 1200 baud on the printer, for example, you
must set the same baud rate in DB 1.
Set the parameters for the serial interface as required and then set the parameters in DB 1 in
the memory submodule.
See 3.4.1 for configuration examples with terminal diagrams.
Parameter setting in DB 1 is explained in 6.3.
2. Setting the CP 523 parameters
Store all parameter setting data in DB 1 on the memory submodule :
Parameters for the printer interface (baud rate, type of interface, BUSY signal, ...)
Configuration data for entering message texts (function character, end-of-text character)
Configuration data for the message text printout (output format for date and time of day,
headers and footers, ...)
Correction factor for the accuracy of the integral real-time clock
Set the memory submodule parameters using a programmer in off-line mode.
EWA 4NEB 811 6044-02a
Print Mode


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