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Internet Protocol version 6. An IPv6 address is 128-bit long and consists of eight
groups of four hexadecimal digits delimited by colons. For example,
'2002:0db6:58b1:02c3:3308:7a2e:6309:2665'. In an IPv6 network, a computer or
device can use multiple addresses, as represented by link local address, stateless
address, etc.
Log on
Entering a Department or User ID and password as a means of user authentication to
start a computer session or access to a service.
Portable Document Format. The page description language used in Adobe Systems'
Acrobat document exchange system, which is restricted neither by device nor
resolution. PDF displays documents in a way that is independent of the original
application software, hardware, and operating system used to create those
documents. A PDF document can contain any combination of text, graphics, and
A set of rules that govern the transmission of data across a network. Examples of
protocols are DHCP, BOOTP, RARP, and TCP/IP.
Proxy server
A server that provides a cache of files available on remote servers that are slow or
expensive to access. The term "proxy server" normally refers to a World Wide Web
server that, upon receiving a URL, tries to supply the requested file from its cache. If
the proxy server cannot locate the file in its cache, it obtains the file from the remote
server, and saves a copy in its cache so that the next request can be obtained locally.
Remote UI
Remote User Interface. The Remote UI is software that enables you to perform
operations, which are usually performed on the machine's control panel, using a Web
browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari) over a network.


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