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Maintenance And Service; Annual Maintenance - Bosch Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 Manual

Indoor residential and comme rcial tankless water heaters
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46 | Maintenance and service

▶ Check for gas leak (e.g. use leak detector fluid, like water
and soap, over and around the metal plate).
▶ Replace the front cover.
▶ Access the Authentication menu (section 6.6).
▶ Access to menu P7 Gas Type.
Display shows appliance gas type.
▶ Use the symbols
▶ Touch the symbol
The display blinks to confirm the change.
▶ Touch the symbol
▶ Update "TYPE OF GAS" in the rating plate of the appliance
using the label provided with the conversion plates.
▶ Confirm CO
and CO values and, if necessary, adjust the
parameters P1 and P2, see chapter 8.9 for more
Maintenance and service
▶ Always shut off the electrical power
supply, shut off the manual gas valve
and shut off the water valves whenever
▶ Inspect the complete water heating
system once a year.
▶ Follow points 5 and 6 in Table 21 after
400 operation hours or 25000 cycles
(whichever occurs first), see
chapter 6.5.1(Data History).
▶ Inspect the water heater and
components for wear or fatigue.
Immediately repair all faults to avoid
damage to the system.
Annual maintenance table
1. Inspect venting system
2. Inspect combustion chamber
3. Inspect burner
4. Inspect pressure relief
5. Inspect water filter
Table 21 Annual maintenance
6 720 816 815 (2016/10)
to choose gas type LPG.
to return to the main menu.
Every year
Annual maintenance table
6. Heat Exchanger Descaling
7. Inspect condensate trap
Table 21 Annual maintenance
1) Proceed with heat exchanger descaling whenever error
codes A1, A5 and E5 are displayed (appliance is protected
against over heating in case of scaling).
2) Proceed with heat exchanger fin coils cleaning if error code
CE is displayed. Check the flue exhaust for blockage
(appliance is protected against flue blockage).

Annual maintenance

(To remove front cover, see page 10)
Venting System
Venting system - inspect inside of flue pipe for any blockage
or restriction. Observe burner flames during heater
operation (front cover must be removed). Burner flames
should be steady and blue. Yellow, inconsistent (bouncing)
flames may be an indication of poor ventilation or
combustion air supply. Inspect the combustion air inlet
pipe for blockage or debris. Inspect combustion air and
exhaust terminations for blockage or debris.
Combustion Chamber
Inspect burner observation window (Fig.54, #14) for
cracks or spillage of flue gases. Observe burner flames
during heater operation. Flames should be steady and blue
with no signs of yellowing. Yellow burner flames are an
indication of improper combustion. Refer to section 4.6 to
verify the exhaust system and combustion air supply meets
the manufacturer's specifications.
Pressure Relief
Manually open the pressure relief valve to ensure proper
Inlet Water Filter
Verify the inlet water filter screen is clean and undamaged.
The inlet water filter is located on the top of the appliance,
at the cold water inlet connection. (See Fig.23, page 32).
Close the installer supplied water shutoff valve and remove
the brass hex cap holding filter. Remove the filter, clean
and or replace if damaged.
In areas where the water supply has a high mineral content,
the heat exchanger should be flushed with a descaling
Every year
Fin Coils
Greentherm 9800 SE 160/199 | SEC 199



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